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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Project up-date - May 2012:

By the end of April 2012 we have added more names to our list with a possible connection to the Ryde District prior to WWI.

To date:
  • We have found a total of 1819 names ( but many are still just a surnames and initials)
  • We have identified 992 by finding their full names and/or service numbers - that's 54.5% found!
  • It leaves 827 names still to be identified.
  • From the total - we have also found 339 (- that's 18.6%) were killed in action or died of wounds.
But just identifying them isn't enough, our volunteer team have divide the list and started looking for any more information they can find to connect them to the Ryde district.

We have started a points system for the information we find - each connection to the District we find gives them more points!
 - so far the leading lad is David Chestnut (see - A Gallipoli story ... the previous Anzac week blog)