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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

City of Ryde commemorates the Centenary of World War One - 6 August 2014

This month commences events which will commemorate the Centenary of World War One. 

The world-wide centenary commemorations will occur from now until 2018.

Local schools representatives laid wreaths
Photo : Kim Phillips.
In the City of Ryde, the occasion was marked with a service held at Ryde Cenotaph, Ryde Park on Wednesday 6 August 2014. Local politicians, councillors, residents, school children and family descendants, all came together to remember, as part of the City of Ryde’s ‘Ryde remembers 2014-2018’ events.

Ryde Mayor, Roy Maggio and
 Ryde Historical Society President,
Betty Willis. 

Photo : Kim Phillips.

Nearby our Cenotaph, a Lone Pine tree sapling was jointly planted by Mayor Roy Maggio and Ryde Historical Society President, Betty Willis. Local school children also placed on the Cenotaph, the names and photos of the seventeen known men from our district, who died in the Battle of Lone Pine, 6 - 9 August 1915.

 Ryde Cenotaph, Ryde Park on Wednesday 6 August 2014.
Photo : Kim Phillips.

The Ryde District remembers our fallen from the Battle of Lone Pine, Gallipoli, 6-9 August 1915: 

Pte.  Isaac Ashton ;
Pte.  Albert / Alfred J. Besanvalle ;
Capt.  Garnet Wollesley Brown ;
Pte.  Malcolm Horace Brown ;
Pte.  Frederick Catto ;
Tpr.  Arthur Stewart Dean ;
L/Corp. George Victor Goodwin ;
Pte.  George Gunning ;  
Lieut. Hubert Hartnell-Sinclair ;
Pte.  Edward Edgar Herring ;
Pte.  George Richard Horan ;
Pte.  Herbert Spencer Keepence ;
Pte. William Ernest King ;
Pte.  Ernest Charles Logan ;  
Pte.  Ralph Israel Marshall Noake ;  
Pte.  Wallace Park ;
Sgt. Walter Henry Scott ;
James Tallon,  who returned home badly injured , named his home ‘Lone Pine’ and his 1917 Rookwood Cemetery headstone called him a ‘Lone Pine hero’.

Australia's first official war historian, Charles Bean, wrote, "What these men did, nothing can alter now, the good and the bad, the greatness and the smallness of their story rises, it always rises above the mists of time as a monument to great-hearted men, and for their nation, a possession forever."