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Monday, 9 February 2015

Military Medal awarded to Ryde's Henry George Murrell - the 17th weekly story

From  October 2014, The Northern District Times began publishing short weekly stories from our project's research into World War One service with connections to the Ryde District. This week hear of  Henry George Murrell, a Gladesville Veterinary Surgeon  at the time of his enlistment in the AIF in 1916,

Private Murrell embarked with Reinforcements to serve with the 17th Battalion in arriving in France in May 1917. A year later his compassion and daring almost got him killed. For his actions he was awarded the Military Medal.

His citation for the Military Medal reads:
'On morning 14th May, 1918 during German attack on our lines near MORLANCOURT, south of Albert was a stretcher bearer. Regardless of danger, he carried wounded to safety under heavy barrage and Machine Gun fire. This man volunteered to go to a post of Germans who had dug themselves in, in an isolated position, with an enemy prisoner who was wounded and said he could persuade his comrades to surrender. When Private MURRELL and his prisoner got near the trench they tried to capture him, but crying out to one Lewis Gunner who was handy, he bolted under covering fire of Lewis Gun. MURRELL's work and energy throughout the whole proceedings was a fine exhibition of bravery and resolution, regardless of self.'
Source: 'Commonwealth Gazette' No. 15
Date: 4 February 1919

Henry George Murrell was the youngest of 11 children born to Charles and Mary Anne Murrell..
The family lived on Victoria Road, Gladesville, Two of his sisters also served with the Australian
Army Nursing Service, Emmeline Anne MURRELL and Elizabeth Ellen MURRELL and a brother-in-law, Private John McFarlane, SERN 4584 was killed in action at Pozieres in January 1918.

Week 17 :  6 February 2015 - The Northern District Times, page 19 - the story of  Private HENRY GEORGE MURRELL, Service No. 6341.

Heroic attempt to return wounded enemy soldier

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