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Monday, 13 October 2014

Ryde goes to War stories start in our local newspaper!

On  Wednesday 1st October 2014, The Northern District Times began a special weekly column  featuring some of our research, in preparation for our Society's publication next year.

The Ryde goes to War project is researching  the stories of those who lived in or had a connection to the Ryde District of NSW, up to or during World War One [see earlier posts for details].

We are continuing sorting up to 2000 names from across all our district war memorials and similar sources and to sort out any duplications etc, so that we can honour them with their full names and service numbers. With the help of Society members, descendants and family & friends, we are also putting together the details of their service and their connections to the Ryde district.

We are planning to publish some of this research in book a format in 2015 (to date --the exact names of all to be  included and format of publication, are  still being confirmed).

The Northern District Times stories that commenced this month are a brief outline of some of our completed work.

Week 1 : 1 Oct 2014 - The Northern District Times page 17  is the story of  Reginald James Fitzroy, Service No: 1880, Aged 20 when he enlisted; he served in the 19th, 18th and finally 17th Battalions. He was awarded a Military Cross.

Beaurevoir bravery earned Military Cross

[if you click on the title -- it should take you to the on-line edition of the newspaper]


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