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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bert Best returned home, his right arm amputated but later died in 1928 - our 11th story

In December 2014 The Northern District Times continued to publish our stories. They are a brief outline of some of our research of World War One service from the Ryde District.

A weekly story has been published from October 2014. This one, the 11th is about Robert Best, who was born to William and Edith Best in Ryde in 1896. The family lived in Riverside Avenue, Ryde and Bert (as he was known) made his living as a carter. He enlisted in in January 1916 and joined the 12th Reinforcements of the 19th Battalion.

The poor conditions on the Western Front caused Bert to be hospitalised in England with severe trench foot, where he recuperated with the 61st Battalion in Wareham, England before returning to the 19th Battalion on the front in Belgium in October 1917.

Best was severely wounded  in France during September 1918 and evacuated to the Bath War Hospital, where his right arm was amputated. He returned to Australia in January 1919 and was said to become an expert in managing with one arm.

Week 11 :  10 December 2014 - The Northern District Times, page 20  is the story of ROBERT ARTHUR BEST, Service No: 4666.

Sickness back home claims young Bert, who gave an arm

[if you click on the title -- it should take you to the on-line edition of the newspaper]


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