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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Emmeline and Elizabeth Murrell, the Ryde sisters who both joined the Australian Army Nursing Service

Week 18 :  11 February 2015 - The Northern District Times, page 17 - tells of Emmeline and Elizabeth Murrell, who both joined the Australian Army Nursing Service and continues from the previous week's article on their brother Henry George Murrell.

The large Murrell family lived in a house named Wonga on Victoria Road, Gladesville. Emmeline was 31 when she joined as a Staff Nurse in 1916. Elizabeth had nursed at Ryde's Home for the Incurables [later to become the Royal Rehab Centre, Sydney] and had been appointed Matron of Denistone House at Eastwood in May 1916 before she also enlisted in June 1917.

By the end of the war both had served until they were suffering from debilitating illnesses. For a glimpse of their story read :
Nursing sisters served until they also fell ill
[if you click on the title -- it should take you to the on-line edition of the newspaper]

* as the newspaper link doesn't appear to open the complete article  it will be added here;

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