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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sydney University Professor James Pollock of Ryde, served to share his Physics expertise.

Week 19 :  18 February 2015 - The Northern District Times, page 19 - told the story of  Irish born, Sydney University Professor James Pollock, who had joined the AIF as a Captain in January 1916.
His expertise in physics saw him involved in many engineering schemes involving tunnelling and exploding mines both in the classroom and at the front line. He was later promoted to Major.

At the time Pollock was owner of the historic house The Hermitage, which had been built by John Blaxland (son of Blue Mountains explorer, Gregory Blaxland) in the 1840s.

Boffin played part in digging under Hill 60
[if you click on the title -- it should take you to the on-line edition of the newspaper]

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